Investment Due Diligence

Working closely with Jeff Stone in a financial consulting capacity has been an exceptional experience. Jeff's expertise and dedication have been crucial in guiding us through the rigorous process of due diligence and financial analysis for various direct private equity deals. His profound understanding of market dynamics, coupled with his meticulous attention to detail, ensured that we made well-informed decisions at every stage. Jeff's ability to distill complex financial data into actionable insights truly sets him apart in the field.

Throughout our collaboration, Jeff exhibited a high level of professionalism and an unwavering commitment to our success. He took the time to fully grasp our client's investment objectives and risk appetite, customizing his recommendations to perfectly align with these goals. Whether it entailed conducting comprehensive industry research or assessing the potential risks and returns associated with different investment opportunities, Jeff consistently showcased his expertise, providing us with the clarity and confidence needed to proceed.

Ultimately, Jeff Stone's guidance and expertise have proven to be invaluable assets in our investment endeavors. With his strategic insights and steadfast support, we navigated through the complexities of multiple investments and industries with confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and reliable individual capable of offering expert guidance every step of the way in achieving their financial objectives.

Jay W.
Founder, Epogee Capital Partners

Operational Leadership

I have worked with Jeff in a variety of capacities over the last ten years, initially as an internal consultant within a F100 company management system implementation. He was responsible for all financial and analytic deliverables for the program to senior executives, codifying and reporting on tangible system benefits to the business, as well as managing our $40M internal strategic budget.

More recently, I partnered with Jeff in a handful of client engagements, including the integration of a $30+M private equity transaction, working to build and streamline the new operations for the organization post-close. This included acting as internal finance and operational leaders during the transition and designing new processes for the teams in their mature state.

Jeff is extremely analytically focused, delivering detailed and actionable recommendations to his clients. He has the ability to work with teams across a variety of industries and levels, getting up to speed quickly and being a true partner in every sense of the word. His thorough nature and desire to gather and utilize data in the decision-making process provides his clients with the utmost level of confidence in their deliverables. He consistently brings institutional insight and a strategic mindset, vital traits for businesses as they navigate their most critical decisions.

Roeland V.
Strategic & Organizational Transformation Leader

Financial Acumen

In his early career, Jeff established himself within our FP&A team as an ambitious, detail-oriented, personable analyst that people in other departments trusted as a go-to source of information. Though Jeff could hit fast turnaround times and deadlines, more importantly, he was able to ask good questions and would work to understand why a request was being made so he could add value and steer others in the right direction.

Years later when we came together on another team, knowing that Jeff would have the team’s budgeting, operations and financial analysis on lockdown made me very comfortable in taking the role. I was able to see his growth from excellent financial analyst to a more well-rounded strategic thought leader. His deep knowledge of financial and operational measures gave him a solid base from which to expand into strategic planning and his ability to tell a story in executive presentations proved vital as we implemented innovative ways to measure improvement and benefits from our initiative.

As a team member, Jeff was great with those that were not as financially skilled, taking time to clarify concepts or build capability in others. He is extremely collaborative and patient, excellent qualities for a person who is always pushing forward to get things done.

He will provide more than mechanical finance and analysis, looking around corners to help a client see beyond the task and think about what is next. I highly recommend anyone needing thoughtful, efficient, and accurate finance work take the opportunity to work with Jeff.

Rob H.
Strategy Transformation and Analytics Leader

Complex Problem-Solving

Jeff is an ambitious and focused professional who is passionate about exceeding his clients’ expectations. Within our former firm, a F100 organization, he took on a financial and analytics leadership role in an enterprise-wide transformation, managing the planning and budgeting processes for a $40M internal strategy group. He also partnered with internal business units to help them better identify, understand, and improve operational gaps through analytical rigor. He consistently added tangible business value to these organizations by learning new functions quickly and partnering with leaders to solve complex problems.

I have always been impressed with Jeff’s willingness and ability to ask thoughtful questions to better understand the client’s business and the details of the problems they face to help develop impactful business recommendations. He is extremely detail-oriented and ensures that his work is not only accurate, but actionable.

I believe that Jeff is well-equipped to help businesses solve their most critical operational and growth challenges through his ability to provide clear financial and analytical intelligence. His past experiences across a variety of businesses and functions have prepared him well for any new engagement that comes his way. I strongly recommend Jeff to any business in need of thoughtful and rigorous finance assistance.

David W.
Strategic Talent Development and Innovation Consultant

Strategic Analysis

As a former client, I can confidently attest to his performance as an independent financial executive. We worked together on several potential real estate and business ventures, and he consistently provided my team with thorough and clear financial and strategic recommendations to help guide the business through critical decisions.

Jeff can digest new information in a quick and thoughtful manner, getting up to speed with new operations and industries quickly. His financial acumen and attention to detail are both critical skill sets that he brings to the table, allowing himself to provide meaningful insights in a short period of time.

Jeff is able to synthesize large amounts of information into clear, concise, and actionable insights. He continuously asks thoughtful questions to ensure he is consistently on the right path, and is always looking to get to the core of the problem or opportunity through diligent data and information collection.

His focus on providing clear analyses and recommendations to our business has been essential in our decision-making and due diligence processes. By the time Jeff has reviewed the opportunity at hand and delivered his evaluation, we can be confident that we have done what is required to make well-informed strategic decisions.

John M.
CEO, Start-Up and Real Estate Enterprises

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